Before embarking on an adventure that would lead her across the world and eventually to Ottawa, Renate majored in textile and wall paper design at the Folkwang Werkkunst Schule for Design, Decoration and the Arts. In 1994, she received a four-year Honours B.A. in art history from Carleton University. During her class work and one major Arctic research project in particular, Renate developed a keen appreciation for and love of Inuit art. She took at least five courses in Inuit art, did extensive interviewing of Inuit artists, and “the Inuit became a part of me,” she says. Several inspirations for paintings came from trips including the James Houston Memorial Arctic Cruise. See the Landscapes gallery for some of her arctic creations.

  • Bachelor of Arts, High Honours Art History; Ottawa , 1985
  • Printmaking ,Drawing and oil painting courses; Department of Extension of University of Alberta
  • Folkwang Werkkunst Schule for Design, Decoration and the Arts; Essen , Germany , 1955-1959

Private Collections

Renate’s work appears in many private collections both across Ottawa and into Europe.

* Health Canada , Ottawa
* The Kun Shoulder Rest, Ottawa
* The Pearly Hospital, Ottawa
* Private Collection in Great Britain , Germany U.S.A. and Canada


Renate has acquired numerous awards at the many art shows she has attended.

  1. OWS 30th Anniversary, 57th Exhibition, Jurors award, Ottawa , 2007
  2. OWS 52nd Juried Exhibition, 2 Jurors Awards, Ottawa 2005
  3. OWS 43rd Juried Exhibition, Jurors Award, 2001
  4. OWS 41st Juried Exhibition, Jurors Award, 2000
  5. OWS 33rd Juried Exhibition, Jurors Award, 1996
  6. OWS 32nd Juried Exhibition, Jurors Award, 1995
  7. First Prize of OAA, Ottawa ,1999
  8. Fellowship of OAA, Ottawa , 1997
  9. Honourable Mention, Art East, Gloucester , Ontario , 1997
  10. Second Prize of OAA, Ottawa ,1996
  11. First Prize, Alberta Medical Association’s Art Exhibition, Edmonton, Aberta,1968 | Portfoliobottom_margin